Mental Fitness for Leaders, Managers and Teams

Did you know that part of your brain is sabotaging you?

Our brains are constantly sabotaging our potentials for high performance and happiness. Our stress and each of our negative emotions are the result of our saboteurs.

Based on research in neuroscience and psychology, this program allows you to strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and minimize the part that sabotages you. This allows you to approach life's challenges with a more positive mindset and with less stress.

This is called MENTAL FITNESS.

The science 

This transformational program is based on research in neuroscience and behavioral psychology and was created by Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestseller Positive Intelligence.

Shirzad Chamine, who accompanies accredited coaches, including Lyne Marie Germain, on a regular basis, also works at the CIT (the world's largest organization for training coaches and managers, mainly for Fortune 500 companies). This mental training for managers is also linked to the Business Schools of Stanford and Yale Universities in the United States.

The development of the positive intelligence quotient represents a breakthrough in the ability of managers to increase the emotional intelligence quotient of their organization.

Traditionally, the main challenges to emotional intelligence training have been that there are too many skills (18) and that initial improvements quickly fade over time.

The positive intelligence mental training developed by Shirzad Chamine greatly simplifies this challenge.

Shirzad Chamine

Author, New-York Times best-seller Positive Intelligence

98% of participants in our program experience an increase in Emotional Quotient

The percentage of participants improving each skill is shown below (Statistics from Positive Intelligence)


97 %  Emotional Self-Awareness

98 %   Accurate Self-Assessment

83 %   Self-Confidence

Social Awareness

97 %   Empathy

84 %   Service Orientation


91 %    Emotional Self-Control
82 %    Transparency
90 %    Adaptability
85 %    Achievement
86 %    Initiative
91 %    Optimism

Relationship Management

76 %   Developing others
79 %   Inspirational Leadership
78 %   Change Catalyst
76 %   Influence
84 %   Conflict Management
92 %   Teamwork & Collaboration

Source: Positive Intelligence

Why develop the Positive Intelligence quotient of managers in business?

Increasing the Positive Intelligence Quotient from mental training, based on brain plasticity and behavioral psychology is an option that allows companies to create healthier, more attractive and more efficient environments by offering managers an access to a two-phase program and technology that allows you to develop the following 5 skills:

The ability to get into the action with unparalleled focus

The ability to innovate using what is present

The ability to empathize with oneself, others and situations

The ability to navigate and contribute from what really matters

The ability to openly explore whatever comes up

Participants have access to a test that measures the state of negativity/sabotage they deal with on a daily basis.

They also have access to a mobile application to do their training and this allows them to measure their progress.

Participants' behaviors change during the program: rigidity and anxiety give way to calm and empathy that propel teams into a world of collaboration and performance.


This program is given on request for teams of 5 people. Contact us if this is your case.

Online Program Mental Fitness for Leaders, Managers and Teams

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How does it work?

I give you access to a link for saboteur evaluation which reveals your positive quotient and the nature of the saboteurs who attack your positivity.

Once you have this information, you are able to begin mental training to lessen the effect of saboteurs. The assessment measures how well your mind is at the service of saboteurs and identifies "patterns" as well as your level of positivity.

All human beings have a common saboteur, the judge who denigrates our worth, argues that who we are is not enough, and that we don't deserve the good things that are available in personal and professional life.

The judge is supported by the saboteurs who vary from person to person. Each saboteur has a different and unique mode of operation that reinforces the voice of the judge.

The mental training program aims to weaken the saboteurs and the judge and increase the power of the "wise" that is in all of us.

How much time does it takes?

The mental fitness program spans 7 weeks. During these 7 weeks, the required time is:

Only 15 minutes a day for mental fitness with the app.
Watch a 1-hour video over the weekend.
Join a 30-min group coaching session once a week (Monday or Tuesday).


This program allowed me to understand the phenomena of saboteurs and judges who take control of our lives when we are not aware of them. Now that I have these new tools, it has already made a difference in my life in the way I react to the difficulties that arise. I am able to be more zen, I have better sleep and more confidence and love for me which I believe is the basis of creating a life that we love.

At the professional level, it allows me to have more empathy and to prevent my saboteurs from coming into conflict with the saboteurs of others. I also liked the cohort of people I worked with. Thank you from the heart!

Me Chantal Perreault


In a completely personal approach, I was looking for a coach to develop my management. Through my HR department, I was offered the services of Lyne Marie in order to have personalized support in my personal approach to getting to know myself better. I had the chance to follow the training “Shirzad Chamine’s positive intelligence” with Lyne Marie. Our interviews and this training allowed me to question the certainties acquired after 20 years of very operational management by giving me new tools to adapt my leadership to the realities of my daily life and our society.

I highly recommend the services of Lyne Marie for anyone capable of retrospection and who wants to develop in a personal approach.

Arnaud Sanglier, ing.

Agency Director, Eurovia Canada

Hello, I would like to share with you my testimony about my experience with mental training. First of all, I would like to thank Lyne-Marie for introducing me to this program which allows me on a daily basis henceforth to have tools to bring me back into the experience with others without falling into judgment and to understand that each has saboteurs. It allowed me to put certain events into perspective by reminding me that it was my saboteur who was talking to me. I can therefore get out of emotionality and use my wisdom to better understand and integrate the learnings of these trials. I give myself moments to go down inside myself more often even if I already did. PQs are powerful and I use them frequently. Thank you again for this great discovery and the learning I was able to do on the human brain. It helps me in my daily practice with my clientele in spiritual coaching.

Annie Charron

Human Potential Activator

I just did an intense 6-week training session for 15 minutes a day only with the tool and my coach Lyne Marie Germain not far away! wow! Only benefits to face and maintain a better control of the saboteur in oneself. For me, these are direct results with the management of the thought, better approaches with the other and this, whatever the obstacle in front of the saboteur! Proud partner of Tomorrow's Leaders and so happy to be able to offer it to Phoenix members, SMEs who want to propel their growth objective!

Maryse Fabien

GoPhoenix Productor

I was aware that saboteurs were part of my daily life but without really understanding the how and why! This program helped me to recognize them, to be equipped to deal with them and to develop more in depth my empathy first towards myself and towards others, both professionally and personally.

Lizza Friolet

CEO, Groupe LDL


This program allowed me to deepen my self-knowledge, through the identification (intensity and chronicity!) of my saboteurs, to the detriment of my inner sage, the one who encourages me and speaks to me with benevolence.

I was able to make more room for self-benevolence rather than self-criticism, which has great positive repercussions on my state of inner well-being, on my decisions (both small and large) and on my confidence. in me.

The program brought me a rigor, a constancy as well as a discipline of daily practice. It is this regularity that brings about real changes since otherwise, human beings tend to return to what they already know and therefore to their patterns.

I also benefited greatly from the PODs; I felt supported in my journey and the preparation for these meetings allowed me to reflect weekly on my achievements, on each of my small steps.

The visualizations proposed were certainly confronting and emotional for me but oh so enriching; I feel that these exercises allowed me to move forward by connecting to my real personal and, inevitably, professional challenges.


I did the 6 week program.

A great discovery for me and about me. The program allowed me to get out of my head and finally feel lighter. For what ? The saboteurs!!! To know their existence and to learn that they are part of our lives and that all human beings face them at different levels. This program improves our daily life in order not to suffer it but to live it with lightness. This program gives us simple little exercises to do which is an invaluable help in managing the stresses that we all impose on ourselves in our daily lives. It allowed me to realize that the simple fact of breathing normally and stopping for a few seconds does me the greatest good.

I recommend the program and the coach Lyne Marie if you feel that you are at a dead point or stressed in life or that you are simply irritated by things or people around you. You will see that life can be light with their advice. A well-being can be installed on command and they teach you how to do it. Who doesn't want well-being and more lightness in their life?


The saboteurs who are lodged in our left brain, direct our life. They are the ones who are automatically present and who dictate our behavior in our personal and professional lives.

  • YES, they can lead us to success.
  • NO, they are not the source of happiness
  • In fact, they generate a kind of satisfaction and pride that does not last. For example, my strongest saboteur is the hyper-achiever/super-achievers. This saboteur allowed me to accomplish many things and achieve my goals in my career as a journalist and then as an entrepreneur. All my successes are largely attributable to this saboteur.

    But he is also the main source of my frustrations and continual dissatisfaction for me. For what ? Because it operates in the following way: no matter what I do, no matter what I achieve, the success I have, my income, there is always the next challenge in the background, the next mountain to climb. Victories are short-lived and this saboteur, just like all other saboteurs, keeps me in fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame and insecurity.

  • What will happen if I slow down?
  • What will happen if I do not progress professionally, if my business does not progress from year to year?
  • What will happen to me and my business if I don't make the difference I promise?
  • However, if you meet me, you will not have access to this part of me. It won't jump out at you. Like you, I have learned to camouflage my saboteurs well. My discomfort is still very real and very present in me and it prevented me from having access to the personal and professional life that I really wanted until I started mental training in January 2022.

    What has mental training changed for me? EVERYTHING

    Luckily for me and for you there is this mental training program.

    Thanks to neural plasticity, or the ability of the brain to restructure itself, the neural paths that I have created since my childhood to soothe my fears of rejection, my anger, my insecurities, my disappointments, my shame which are at the origin of my saboteurs could have been weakened in favor of the reinforcement of the Sage.

    My training allowed me to get out of the grip of my saboteurs by strengthening the 5 powers of my sage which are empathy, exploration, innovation, navigation towards what really matters to me and focus actions from a clear head.

    These powers that I have strengthened and continue to strengthen through daily mental training have generated in my everyday life that inner peace that all human beings seek and which is the source of happiness.

    Result: powerful relationships and inner peace in fulfilling my personal and professional aspirations and commitments every day.

    Mental training versus motivation

    The mental training program allowed me to unravel a mystery by answering questions that, until then, had remained unanswered for me:

    What makes my motivation fueled by my determination, reading tons of books all more brilliant than the other, my participation in countless boot camps, trainings and workshops has never really lasted more than a few weeks, at best a few months?

    Why does my motivation always crumble eventually?

    In fact, I understood that my "desire to change" (motivation) was no match for the powerful neural paths traced since my childhood in my brain, not repetitive behaviors.

    My neural connections to the source of my saboteurs always ended up overcoming my “will”, my “motivation”. It is a battle of unequal forces. It's lost in advance.

    The mental training changed the configuration of the neural pathways in my brain. Regularly interrupting my saboteurs has weakened them and thereby boosted my positive intelligence quotient, my sage, at the source of happiness.

    And that is what I wish for you and for all human beings.

    Imagine a world where exchanges between humans are made from the wise rather than the saboteurs. Imagine your next conversation involving your sage and that of your interlocutor. What would be possible?

    My purpose that I had the opportunity to revisit with the mental training program is my contribution to creating a world where conversations are between wise people rather than between saboteurs.

    The next conversation you have, watch yourself.

    Will it be an exchange between two sages or a conversation between saboteurs, yours and those of your interlocutor?

    For my part, I have chosen not only to get rid of my own saboteurs to make room as often and as long as possible for the wise in my life, but I have also chosen to offer those who want it to be accompanied by Leaders of tomorrow/LMG communication coach to create this new world.

    Contact me for a free 30-minute interview during which we will look together at how you and/or your team members can qualify for the mental fitness program.

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    We start new groups every 6 weeks.

    See you soon,

    Lyne Marie

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