Communication Coach
TRIMA Certified
Positive Intelligence Coach

Individual coaching and online courses available

Ces services s'adressent aux leaders qui souhaitent partager leurs messages de manière remarquable et se démarquer dans la société d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

Communication Coach
TRIMA Certified
Positive Intelligence Coach

Individual coaching and online courses available

These services are for leaders who want to share their messages in a remarkable way and stand out in the society of today and tomorrow.


Activate Positive Leadership G.P. is an enterprise founded by Lyne Marie Germain and Thomas Kinsey, P.Eng, Ph.D, providing online courses in Leadership and Communication for Leaders and their teams. Our online teaching content is mostly in French, however we offer coaching and group online training in English on demand.

Mental Fitness for Leaders, Managers and Teams

This program is given online in groups of 5 people. 

Criteria for target audience:

  • Being in a leadership position.
  • Being ready to dedicate 15 minutes a day for your professional development over a period of 6 weeks. 

Gains from this transformational program :

  • Attenuate the impact of the saboteurs (negative mind chatter, judging yourself, others and circumstances)
  • Reinforce your sage powers by training your positive intelligence. 


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100% money back if you do the mental training and you get zero results!


We invite you to schedule a free 30-minutes call with Lyne Marie Germain to discuss your professional reality and see if this program is for you. Please use the button below:

One-on-one coaching

Individual coaching

Are you having difficult communications with members of your teams or your professional network? 

You are seeking help with your communications?

Please contact me directly:

Lyne Marie Germain


Lyne Marie Germain
Communication Coach

«Lyne Marie helps you develop your communication and leadership with your own authenticity».

Lyne Marie Germain is coaching enterprise leaders with their communication since 2008. She accompanies leaders who understand that to manage others they must first manage themselves. Co-founder of Activate Positive Leadership G.P. with Thomas Kinsey, P.Eng. Ph.D., she offers her clients the opportunity to increase their impact in their communication and their leadership thanks to a unique approach based on her skills as a Positive Intelligence coach and TRIMA certified.


Lyne Marie Germain has been a valuable ally for me and for our team. With a unifying approach in communication, Lyne Marie was able to guide us to find clear messages that arouse enthusiasm around common objectives. She helped us clarify our ideas and choose the right words to create change and generate mobilization. Discoveries about us and the interlocutors that propel us elsewhere in communication. THANKS!

Valérie Bouchard

As a lawyer and business manager, I have to manage my clients, my employees and the opponents in the context of my clients' disputes. Ms. Germain has allowed me to substantially improve my communications in recent months, and to improve the results obtained from these exchanges at all levels. I warmly recommend Ms. Germain to all entrepreneurs.

Caroline Desrosiers

I had the opportunity to have Lyne Marie as a communication coach. She helped me a lot to work on my communication within my company. As a Leader, we need to improve day by day and more specifically on the aspect of communication. Lyne Marie has a great vision and a great way of making us understand all aspects of it. I can say that it made a very big difference for my career. Thank you Lyne Marie!

Emmanuelle F. Robillard

For TEDxQuébec, Lyne Marie's contribution is invaluable. She leads the committee of speakers with efficiency and humanity to reach a higher level each year. She is an inspiring leader who uses gentleness to challenge speakers and team members.

On a personal level, our collaboration helps me grow. She knows how to ask questions that make us think and move us forward without rushing us. Everything happens naturally. It has the double effect of challenging me as a leader, while reinforcing my abilities and increasing my confidence. Again, it's very gentle, but terribly effective.

Denis François Gravel

I collaborated with Lyne Marie for several years, through TEDxQuébec. It allowed me to see a different side of people, concepts and ideas. She has this ability to help people showcase their ideas, for the benefit of all. I was a privileged witness, during the preparation of TEDxQuébec speakers, of the help she provided to speakers to get out of presentation faux pas. Through this unique contact, I learned about myself and about ways to communicate my message more effectively.

Nicolas-Loïc Fortin

Owner and Security Architect at Intrasecure Inc.

I would like to testify to the competence of Lyne Marie, I followed her training and she did a little coaching with me and I am much more comfortable than I was in public. In addition, I use his advice every time I give my lectures at the College of Corporate Directors of Laval University. Congratulations Lyne Marie!

Louis Marie Garant

Having already benefited from a training of trainers given by Lyne Marie, I am able to recommend her services without any hesitation. Like me, you will grow out of it!

Robert Lachance

With Lyne Marie's support, I was able to significantly improve my performance and my level of comfort during public presentations: less stress and more pleasure.

Josee Laplante

Counsellor, Ville de Québec

Lyne Marie is a creative, go-getter and very dynamic woman. She knows how to move us forward and make us think about the actions to take to achieve our goals. Through her experience and her intense faith in human beings, she knows how to advise us to reach our full potential.

Sylvie Huard

Thanks to Lyne Marie Germain, I killed a hamster. This shocking sentence expresses the impact that the "Remarkable public speaking" training course I attended have had. The hamster in question is the one that comes to life at breakneck speed in our head when speaking in front of an audience.

Lyne Marie's training is rich in practical tools. For example, it makes us aware of the 5 types of personalities that make up an audience. We necessarily have one of these dominant traits, which induces some automatisms in us and deprives us of complete communication with all of our listeners. Thanks to the training, we become aware of this and enrich our level of intervention in a group, with respect for each individual.

With her pedagogical approach, her empathy, her professionalism and her generosity, Lyne Marie will have contributed to my own development as a trainer and speaker coach. But above all, it allowed me to take the path towards conscious leadership.

With all my gratitude Lyne Marie!

Julie Laperrière

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